HUDSON VALLEY WEATHER Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Heat Wave!

It’s a heatwave! Temps are headed back above freezing today! 40’s will feel like T-Shirt weather! Our current and ongoing upper air pattern is not supportive of long duration cold, or favorable storm tracks. Without a deep trough in the jet stream over the eastern Conus we get transient period of cold and tendrils of ... Read more

Our Short But Impressive Cold Snap Ends

Well the cold airmass lived up to its expectations with our entire forecast region reporting temps below zero this morning, with some locations as low as -20° without the wind chill. Unfortunately some folks have had no power as well, we hope that everyone is fairing ok, and we give our thanks and gratitude to ... Read more


We have FROPA! (Frontal Passage) Looking at multiple station data across the region, it appears the front passed through most of the region between 1-2AM. If you have a home station, you’ll find a sudden shift in wind direction, sharp drop in dew point, sudden rise in pressure, increase in wind speed and marked decline ... Read more

Brief Cold Snap, Real Brief

Good Morning, A cold start to the day, but a preview to the airmass arriving. Today temps rebound quite nicely, in fact it won’t be as warm as today high temps again until Sunday afternoon. Which lets be honest, I think we can all handle it deciding to act like winter for 48 hours. Temps ... Read more