Monday’s Discussion : Winter’s Last Stand

This is it, ladies and gentleman… the final day standing between us, and some truly spring time… almost summer like weather in the Hudson Valley.  However, in order to get to the nice weather… we must deal with a raw, blustery and very cold start to the work week.

Mostly cloudy skies, a blustery NW wind gusting over 15mph at times, and scattered light rain showers and areas of drizzle… will all come together to create a raw, blustery, cold day for the final day of April.  Clouds and scattered rain showers will be with us through the day, that will help pin temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s across the region.  That kind of chill is WELL below average, nearly 15° to 20° below average!

As mentioned, an upper level low pressure system will slowly rotate northward, and out of the region.  But not before it spins back a band of scattered rain showers (and mountain snow showers) across the Hudson Valley and Catskills…


Once you locate the Hudson Valley, you’ll notice that bands of showers and drizzle will continuously rotate through our area… throughout the day.  So you’re going to want to have the umbrella handy, and a winter coat… because the chill and wet weather will be with us on Monday.

But rest easy… knowing that as soon as we move past Monday… things change dramatically…

What a difference a day will make!  Hang on… Springtime is coming tomorrow!

Sunday Discussion : Unsettled and Blustery

A much cooler, breezy and unsettled day across the Hudson Valley.  After a beautiful Saturday, our Sunday is looking rather cloudy and blustery.  Our winds out of the NW have moved the cold air out of the region, but left us with an unsettled air mass as an upper low pressure system is slow to depart.
So for the rest of Sunday and even as we head into Monday, we expect mostly cloudy skies… a few peeks of sun being possible.  Winds out of the NW will be blustery and add to the chill in the air.  A few spotty rain showers are possible… especially as you head north, into the upper Hudson Valley and Catskills.  In the Catskills, you might even see a few wet snow flakes mixed in.  Highs in the valley will struggle into the low 50s… and only make it into the low and mid 40s across the Catskills. 
As we mentioned, these conditions are likely to last through Sunday night, and right into Monday… thanks to the slow moving upper air low pressure system, that will keep us unsettled and cold for the next 36 hours. 
But we have BIG changes coming our way by Tuesday… with temps pushing into the low 70s!  So if you’re waiting for spring weather, you just have to hang on for another day or two.  Have a great Sunday!

Saturday Discussion : Better than Expected

We had a rather soggy and chilly Friday across the region, and on Saturday we are left in the wake between that system and an approaching cold front.  At first glance, that made for a rather unsettled Saturday… but now that the day has arrived, it looks like we’ll do quite nicely

SW winds ahead of the approaching front will push temperatures up into the upper 60s and even around 70° in a few spots.  That should make for a fantastic Saturday for anyone with outdoor plans.  The timing of the cold front works out almost perfectly for anyone with outdoor plans today, providing just a long enough window to enjoy the outdoors, before the cold front approaches with scattered showers and thundershowers toward sunset…

This simulated radar for 6pm shows the front edge of the showers and thundershowers pushing into the western Hudson Valley.  So best guess on the timing is between 5pm and 8pm from west to east across the region.  Once the showers arrive, they’ll be stubborn to exit… providing us with rain showers through much of the evening hours, before tapering off after midnight.

That will leave us with a blustery and cold Sunday… a major change from our Saturday weather.  On Sunday, clouds will mix with sunshine… but the strong NW wind will pin temperatures down in the low and mid 50s for highs on Sunday… and the chilly breeze will make it feel like the 40s at many points.  So those of us with plans on Sunday… you’ll want to have a heavy coat handy.

Otherwise… as we move into the work week, we’ll gradually see temperatures on the increase.  By mid week… we could be talking about temps around 80°!  So spring time will be in full effect by mid week… as we push into the month of May.

Have a great Saturday!

Friday Discussion : Unsettled and Cool

An unsettled Friday lined up, as we have a storm system pushing up the east coast. The storm isn’t well organized, but it does have some rain showers along with it. The scattered showers will persist through most of the day, raining steadily at times… and tapering off completely at other times… as the precipitation bands are not well organized either.

The clouds and showers will help keep temperatures pinned down in the 50s today, about 10 degrees below average. So the damp weather and cool temperatures will make for a rather soggy day.

Looking to the weekend, Saturday looks breezy and a bit warmer, as the flow shifts out of the SW. It will continue to be unsettled… with a lot of cloudiness, but we should also see breaks of sunshine as well. Temps during the afternoon should rise into the mid 60s… before a cold front pushes through Saturday evening. We could see some heavier showers… even a rumble of thunder with the passage of the front Saturday evening, before it gets colder again. That will leave us with a chilly and breezy Sunday, but at least things look dry on Sunday.

The bigger warm up is coming for the 2nd half of next week… with 70s likely by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. So hang in there… the true spring weather is coming. But for now… it’s April showers and chilly breezes. Have a great Friday!

Thursday Discussion : Cool Breezes

After a soggy Wednesday, our Thursday weather will dry out and turn rather breezy.  We’ll see increasing sunshine and decreasing clouds… along with a fairly strong NW wind, that will gust over 15mph at times.  Temperatures will be in the 50s for most of the morning hours, before pushing into the low 60s for the afternoon hours.  Temps will be slightly below average… but not too far off where they should be for this time of year.

As we move toward Friday… things will become unsettled once again.  A weak storm system will move up the east coast, fairly unorganized as it does.  It will spread clouds into the Hudson Valley during the morning… and showers will break out by mid day, and last through the afternoon.  A raw Friday shaping up, with temps holding in the low to mid 50s at best… be sure to plan ahead if you have plans.

Looking toward the weekend, it’s looking blustery and cold for the most part.  Temps will struggle to reach 60° with a strong NW breeze, which will make it feel very chilly for this time of year.  But the weekend does look rather dry, so the main thing you’ll have to plan for this weekend will be the wind and chilly.

Enjoy your Thursday, Hudson Valley….

Wednesday Discussion : Cooler, Soggy and Unsettled

After a few gorgeous days over the weekend, and even a nice start to the work week… things will change noticeably on Wednesday.

Rain showers spread into the Hudson Valley during the evening hours on Tuesday night, and will have been with us through the night… and into the morning hours on Wednesday.  A soggy AM commute is in store for Wednesday, as an area of rain showers push up from the south.  Watch out for wet roads as you drive during the morning hours.

Rain showers will be with us through the morning, and become more scattered in nature by mid day.  As the steady showers taper off… a few downpours are possible late AM and early afternoon.  Here’s a simulation of how the situation should unfold during the overnight and early morning hours (use the image above to pinpoint where the Hudson Valley is on the futurecast below)

Futurecast Radar: 1am to 6pm Wed.

You can see that the rain showers move north of us around mid day… but cloudy skies will stick with us through much of the afternoon, with some patchy drizzle possible… and maybe a peek of sun by late afternoon.  Highs on Wednesday will be cooler… thanks to low clouds and precipitation.  Don’t expect much better than the mid and upper 50s across the region… a bit chillier than recent days.

Things will improve a bit more on Thursday, as a breezy chill returns to the region… but you can get the forecast details on the HVW 5 Day or the main page.  Have a great Wednesday, stay dry!

Tuesday Discussion : A Rather Nice Day

The weather the past 3 days has been increasingly gorgeous… with Monday just being absolutely beautiful.  Many of us have waited a LONG time for spring, so the weather of the past few days has been a welcome change.  Tuesday looks to try and maintain some of that nice weather… out in advance of a weather system that will make things rather unsettled for a day or two.

This is the weather map projected for 3pm on Tuesday afternoon, and you’ll notice the Hudson Valley (circled) looks rather nice.  There could be some high clouds advancing into the region… but things do remain dry… and temps will climb into the low and middle 60s.  The bulk of the unsettled weather staying to our west, giving us a nice day.

It’s not until the night time hours, where the clouds thicken and we see scattered rain shower activity…

You can see by this image, that the rain showers look to advance into the Hudson Valley (circled) before midnight.  The result looks to be a soggy evening hour period… that could become a rather soaking overnight.  We’ll have to watch, but a period of steadier rain looks possible overnight, but either way we will see periods of rain showers… the question is only ‘how much rain?’.

We’ll likely have updates on the facebook page as the showers begin to fall tonight, but you can always get our updates on the website or mobile app as well.  Have a great Tuesday

Monday Discussion : Beautiful… just Beautiful

After a beautiful weekend, we’re going to follow it up with one of the nicest days of 2018 so far…

Lots of sunshine and warmth for the Hudson Valley… two things we have not had much of this April.  High pressure continues to hold strong over the northeast, keeping our skies clear and giving us lots of sunshine.  The winds are gradually shifting around to the south… which will allow our temperatures to creep up a few more degrees.  Lots of mid to upper 60s will be the story on Monday… with one or two 70° reports not being out of the question.  All in all… a gorgeous Monday.

Tuesday we’ll see clouds gradually moving into the region… and that will keep temps held down in the low 60s for most of the area.  While we won’t have as much sun on Tuesday, it’s still a dry, decent day.  Scattered showers will be on the increase after sunset on Tuesday, and that will begin a multi-day period of unsettled weather across the Hudson Valley.  Not a lot of rainfall across the region, but clouds… scattered showers, maybe a downpour here and there… lasting through Wednesday and into early Thursday.

Enjoy another beautiful day of spring weather, Hudson Valley!

Sunday Discussion : Ahh… There it is!

Delayed… but not cancelled… spring has finally decided to make an appearance.  So if you were looking for it, here it is…

We’ll have lots of sunshine and blue skies for our Sunday… and it will finally feel like spring across the region.  With a much lighter wind to contend with, the warmth of our sunshine will really take hold.  Temps during the day will climb into the low and mid 60s across the Hudson Valley… still only into the 50s in the Catskills.  But across the valley… those low to mid 60s will feel even better thanks to the warm sunshine we’ll have… and when you factor in the cold, raw April we’ve had so far… it will feel even warmer to most of us…

Look how incredibly cold the United States is as a whole, for the first 20 days of April.  Compared to average… most of the country is running 5 to 15 degrees below average.  So Sunday, will feel fantastic to most of us.

Monday looks even better… with widespread temps in the mid 60s!  So get ready for a couple nice spring days… well deserved to say the least!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday Outlook : Turning the Corner

Finally, it looks like we’re starting to turn the corner in terms of our weather.

Bright sunshine and blue skies will be the story through the weekend, as we try to see some weather that’s at least close to where we should be for this time of year.  A beautiful day in terms of the weather conditions… if only the temperatures would climb a little higher, we would be all set.  But still, considering the temperatures of late… and the fact that just 48 hours ago it was snowing in parts of the Hudson Valley… Saturday’s weather will seem very nice to most.  Afternoon highs will climb into the mid and upper 50s across the Hudson Valley, with some areas possibly hitting the 60 degree mark!  That’s still a touch below the average of 63°… but it’s a LOT closer than we’ve been lately.

The improving weather continues into Sunday, as we’ll again see mostly sunny skies, with lots of blue skies.  The winds will still be out of the NW, which will keep our temperatures from climbing into the 60s.  Instead we’ll once again flirt with the 60° mark on Sunday.

Anyone with outdoor plans this weekend should be very happy.  Sure, you’ll need long sleeves and a light coat… but the warm sunshine should go a long way toward helping eliminate the chill from the air.  We hope you have an excellent Saturday!