Wednesday Afternoon T-Storms Possible

After several days of highs in the low 90s… the heat will break a bit on Wednesday.  The same can’t be said for the humidity, however… as we’ll have dew points around 70°, making for a rather unstable atmosphere.  As a result, we’ll be watching the potential for afternoon T-Storms.

Futurecast Radar: 10am – 10pm Wednesday

The Hudson Valley is located in the lower right quadrant of this futurecast radar.  You’ll notice a line of showers and thunderstorms try to develop over the SE half of the Hudson Valley, mainly from 2pm and beyond.  So we expect the threat of T-Storms to be highest near and south of I-84… mainly after 1 or 2pm in the afternoon.  It’s possible a couple storms could go from strong to severe, so be on your guard Wednesday afternoon.

The humidity breaks a bit by Thursday, with sunshine returning.  Some seasonable, summer weather for the 2nd half of the work week.

Heat and Humidity Stick Around

The heat and humidity have built back up around the Hudson Valley, and it very much feels like the middle of summer.

Highs will climb around 90°, but with dew points into the mid and upper 60s… it will feel like the mid 90s across the Hudson Valley.  All of this under mostly sunny, but hazy skies.  A stray afternoon T-Storm can’t be ruled out on Tuesday… but the threat increasing on Wednesday.

A cold front approaches from the NW… and it will bring an end to our heat wave.  Clouds will increase on Wednesday, and scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop and become widespread during the mid day and afternoon hours on Wednesday.  It will remain very humid, and the air will be thick… but the unsettled weather will keep temperatures in the low to mid 80s for highs on Wednesday.

After that, the 2nd half of the week looks tranquil, with seasonable temps and low humidity.  Some very nice weather for the back end of the work week.  Have a great Tuesday!

Next Week’s Outlook

A hot weekend will translate over to a warm start to the week but relief is on the way, a cold front will bring numerous showers and storms to the region by Tuesday and Wednesday, this will knock the temps and the humidity down a few notches. Until the mid week relief we have a few more warm and muggy days ahead of us to start the week. Beyond Wednesday it appears that temps will be cooler and more comfortable with low 80’s likely and a few good nights of sleeping weather. Temps will slowly begin to climb again as we head into next weekend with temps slowly creeping back into the mid 80’s. Hope everyone is enjoying these awesome summer days and summer nights, will check back in tomorrow with a more detailed look at the mid week rain threat.

Rain Departs, High Pressure Returns

Well the week started out a bit rough with a widespread 1-3″+ of rainfall with the heaviest amounts occurring to our south, we have been on a bit of a dry spell so the rain, albeit all at once was much needed. Today starts a stretch of nearly flawless weather, temps will start out comfortable and even on the cooler side of the seasonal average, we may even dip into the upper 40’s across the higher elevations of the Catskills. Do not get use to it, temps will slowly rebound and return to average as we approach the end of the week and into the weekend. Temps will slowly build back into the 80’s and even back to near 90 as we end the weekend and head into early next week, we will remain mostly dry during the next 5-6 days, the next shot at widespread precipitation comes next week. Everyone have a greta day, showers will depart from west to east this morning and partial clearing should commence by this evening, this will set the stage for a mostly sunny period leading straight to the weekend.

Cooler Days Ahead

After three days of temps breaking 90 degrees, we have some relief on the way, we just need to make it through a potentially rainy day on Monday, as the front passes through the region in will likely trigger multiple showers and storms, especially as we get into the afternoon and evening. Some of these storms ma produce locally heavy rainfall across parts of the region. Once we get into Tuesday and Wednesday we will be looking at the peak of the cooler weather with temps in the mid to upper 70’s and lows in the 50’s and 60’s! A far cry from the oppressive dew points and temps in the mid 90’s we have been dealing with the last three days. It will be short lived, temps will begin to rebound by mid week with temps creeping back into the 80’s as we get towards the end of next week, so if you are excited about the cool down make sure you take full advantage of the next three days! If you love the heat, you won’t have to wait to long for it to make its return!

Oppressive Heat Wave Begins

The most oppressive heat wave in years is about to begin for the Hudson Valley, and by now, it’s likely no surprise to any of you.

This kind of air mass hasn’t impacted the Hudson Valley in a few years, at least not in the form of a 3 day heat wave.  Friday will be oppressively hot and humid, with temps into the mid 90s and the humidity so thick, it will feel like 100° to 105°!

Saturday gets even worse, with the temperatures up a degree or two… and the dew point rising a couple degrees as well.  The result will be dangerous conditions, where the real feel is 100° to 110°!

As mentioned earlier in the week.  These conditions are not to be taken lightly.  Extended exposure to the heat and humidity could lead to heat exhaustion… or worse, heat stroke.  As someone who experienced heat exhaustion a few years ago… it’s not a party, trust me.  Dehydration, fatigue, aches and pains.  If you’re not careful, you can easily end up in the hospital.

To avoid this… be sure to avoid extended periods exposed to the direct sun especially… and even avoid extended periods exposed to the intense heat and humidity.  Drink plenty of water.  If you can, spend as much time in air conditioned environments as possible.  Avoid extended periods of strenuous activity.  Make sure you check on others who may be most vulnerable to these conditions, through the weekend.

This heatwave lasts right through Sunday… with these same conditions expected on Sunday as well.  The heat wave breaks Sunday night and Monday, with the increased threat of showers and thunderstorms.  With major changes likely by mid week next week.

Have a safe and happy start to the weekend!

Clouds and Showers Linger

Much needed rainfall occurred across the majority of the region yesterday, this rainfall was enhanced by the remnants of Barry, but Barry isn’t quite done with the region just yet, as the left over energy associated with Barry moves of the coast today it will spawn more showers across the region. We aren’t seeing any signs of widespread rainfall or even severe weather, just pop up showers that will add to the current tropical jungle feel we have going on across the region. By tomorrow the rain is pulled away and the oven gets turned on, actually and oven is to dry, lets say sauna. Below is a look at what the radar may look like later today and this evening. Try to enjoy the clouds, you may be wishing for some relief from the sun by Saturday! See our previous post on the heat potential. 

Dangerous Heat Peaks on Saturday

An extremely warm air mass will continue to impact the region during this week, it appears the Saturday will be the peak of the heatwave with temps becoming dangerously hot across the entire region. Below are two model depictions for high temps on Saturday and apparent temps on Saturday, apparent temps is what it will feel like when factoring in the dew point’s which will be downright tropical!

As you can see temps will reach the mid to upper 90’s to near 110 degrees across the entire region with the exception of the Catskills. Once you factor in the dew point’s you can really see where things get pretty nasty! Some parts of the Hudson Valley may see heat indices that exceed 110 degrees. These type of conditions can be deadly for the young, elderly and pets. It will be critical to limit your time outdoors, limit your physical activity, check on the elderly, stay very hydrated and stay as cool as possible! The days leading up to Saturday will be warm as well, we are only focusing on the peak of the heat wave in this update.

Monday Discussion: Summer Heat with Building Humidity

A warm summer week ahead… but it is the middle of summer.  Every day will see temps in the mid to upper 80s, with those temps pushing closer to 90 by the end of the week.

Humidity levels will be comfortable to start the week, with Monday and Tuesday staring with low humidity.  However, on Tuesday, winds will shift out of the SW, and that will allow more humid air to push back into the Hudson Valley by midweek.  That will make for “real feel” heat index values 5 to 10 degrees above the actual air temperatures.

The saving grace may come in the form of the remnants from Tropical Storm Barry.  While very disorganized, the moisture from Barry may push NE into the Ohio Valley and Northeast.  Because the system is so disorganized, the timing and placement of the moisture remains uncertain, but the threat looks to be Wednesday into Thursday.  Neither day looks like a washout… but clouds and showers could help keep temperatures down a bit, making for less oppressive heat index values.  But either way, a warm & humid airmass will be with us for much of the week, into the weekend.

We’ll try to clarify the details in the coming days, as we get a clearer picture.  For now, enjoy some beautiful summer weather to start the week!

Thursday Discussion: Storm Threat Late

The heat and humidity are building as of mid day.  Temps are around 80 degrees, with dew points in the mid to upper 60s in many areas, so we have a sticky feel to the air.

As of noon, the sun has become mixed with considerable clouds, and we’re seeing showers and storms developing, primarily in the Catskills and areas NW of our region.  During the afternoon, these showers will become more widespread, so a rain delay is possible in some areas.  The heaviest showers and storms likely hold off until after 6pm… but for now, best to keep a causal eye on the radar or sky in your area.

Have a good afternoon!