4pm Storm Discussion

If it’s raining at your location, and the temperature is below 32°… it’s freezing rain (ice). That means the liquid rain that is falling, will freeze on contact, creating the most dangerous of wintry conditions… turning paved surfaces into a sheet of ice. So lets look at 4pm Temperatures:

Poughkeepsie: 29° … Newburgh: 30° … Montgomery: 28°
Monticello: 28° … Saugerties: 31° … Pine Bush 29°
Greenport Center: 28° … Hunter Mtn.: 33° … Kingston: 32°
White Plains: 33° … Westchester Airport: 32°

So you can see that the majority of the area is near or below freezing, so that rain that is falling… is likely freezing on most surfaces. Make sure you take it extra slow if you’re travelling, as icy surfaces are likely… especially on untreated surfaces.

Moving forward through sunset… temperatures should continue to creep northward a few more degrees. Likely getting close to freezing north of I-84… and possibly breaking the 32° mark south of I-84. This should help road crews get on top of the situation.

The good news, is that the back edge of the rain and freezing rain (mixing with sleet and snow), should push into the Hudson Valley between 5pm and 7pm in most places. So the precipitation should come to an end shortly after dark… but the temperatures will quickly tumble into the mid and upper 20s by mid evening. So anything that melts, will quickly refreeze after dark. It is important to keep that in mind if you’re traveling this evening! More updates to come in the next hour or two…

20 thoughts on “4pm Storm Discussion

  1. You are the only weather we look at Great job. Thanks We have not seen your zone map.. Have you done away with or am I just not seeing it???

    • Thanks Michael, we used the zone map last night in the forecast… we just haven’t linked the zone map to the new site yet, but it will be shortly. Thanks for the support, and keep an eye out for the zone map soon.

    • Thanks Brian! We’re humbled to know that you use HVW to stay on top of the weather conditions at your job. We’re glad to know that we’re part of the resources you use to keep Marist beautiful.

  2. Your weather reporting saves lives! You do us all a tremendous service with your accurate almost to the minute reporting of the weather. I check your pages religiously during storms! We owe you a debt of gratitude! Thank you for making us all smarter and safer!

  3. I’m retired but you are still my “go to” guys. Read report this morning and decided there was absolutely nothing I needed badly enough to go outside. Hubby finally ventured out for the mail. Keep up the great work.

  4. I am so appreciative of your site. Looking at other weather outlets only gives me one impression …hype, to keep me watching.
    I always tell anyone to check out your site before making any weather based decisions.
    You guys are the ABSOLUTE BEST. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into your keeping us informed . And at such a high level of integrity.

  5. Been relying on your site for many years! great work! i like the new website, but i suggest ditching the read more button and just have it display the entire current post. I cant imagine who wouldnt want to not read all of it.



  6. Excellent weather forecasting website – specifics rather than generalities.
    Thank you so much for your dedication to keep the public informed!

  7. Please keep the time stamps on the forecasts… I like that!

    Courageous move launching a new website mid-winter, but that’s how you guys roll!!


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