9/11… Never Forget

Please set your reminders, it’s our obligation as more and more time passes since that day 18 years ago, it’s important to live up to our commitment which was to “Never Forget”. We need to make sure our children never forget, and every generation that follows, it’s the least we can do. Take a moment today and remember all those who perished, all those who sacrificed, all the hero’s and the families who were lost or impacted.

Let’s also remember how we all were as a nation in the days, weeks and months that followed this day 18 years ago. Not just the fear, not just the sadness or the anxiety, we were united. Flags on everyone’s porches, people helping people, everyone looking out for each other. The people we lost that day would want us to be that version, “Never Forget” to me isn’t just the events of that day, it’s “Never Forgetting” what that day reminded us all that we needed to be as a country. Yes we won’t forget where we were, what we saw, watching the news, looking up to see no planes in the sky. But our vulnerabilities were brought to the surface that day, as a country and as individuals, there was no room for bravado or ego, just support and togetherness. We found comfort in the feeling of community, we all grieved together and we all healed together, but over time we continue to drift further and further away from that. To me personally, that is the biggest injustice to forget, don’t forget that we are at our strongest together and united towards one purpose. In 8 years of HVW you have all learned we keep things weather 99.8% of the time, it’s easier that way. Every once in awhile I feel obligated to use the reach and the platform to express my feelings on a topic, here’s one of those moments. Some may try to make this post political with their comments, but let’s use this comment thread and the entire community that is HVW to be kind to one another, share your memories of that day, the heroes we lost, let’s never forget who we need to be everyday, to each other.

To our friends in law enforcement, first responders, fire fighters, military, doctors and nurses and people who worked the pile on cranes and with buckets and the people who continue to this day to suffer from or lose people they love to 9/11 illnesses, we have not forgotten you, we continue to thank you for your service and we appreciated you continuing to put community first.


7 thoughts on “9/11… Never Forget

  1. A true and noble sentiment, eloquently expressed. Thank you Alex for making this one of those times you express your feelings. Right on.

  2. Let us also never forget the hundreds of thousands of civilians killed in wars we started as a response (while ignoring the one country that was responsible).

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