Continued Unsettled, Cooler Temps

An upper level low meandering to our north will keep things unsettled at times through the weekend. Today will be a good example as to what to expect through the weekend. We aren’t talking washouts, lots of scattered showers, or periods of rain that will be separated by dry weather and even periods of sunshine. Today will start out much the same, with a pretty decent morning into early afternoon, this will be interrupted by a piece of energy spinning around the base of the upper low to our north, it will trigger a period of rain and showers between 1-5pm.  Then very much like yesterday we dry out overnight and pull out another mostly decent Saturday although more showers likely pop up tomorrow afternoon as well, although these may be a bit more scattered in nature when compared to this afternoon. Sunday looks to start out with some morning rain and then improving as the day progresses.  So as stated above, none of the next few days are rain outs, just a lot of precipitation cat and mouse and a lot of happy plants. We should also note a marked increase in air comfort beginning tonight with decreased dew-points which should help lower the stick factor a bit through the weekend. Temps also look a bit cooler with 70’s and 50’s being the normal for most of the region as our pesky low keeps us in a cooler pattern. Below is a glance as what this afternoons radar may look like, and todays high temps which will be the warmest it will get for the remainder of the week. Have a great Friday!

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