Cooler Days Ahead

After three days of temps breaking 90 degrees, we have some relief on the way, we just need to make it through a potentially rainy day on Monday, as the front passes through the region in will likely trigger multiple showers and storms, especially as we get into the afternoon and evening. Some of these storms ma produce locally heavy rainfall across parts of the region. Once we get into Tuesday and Wednesday we will be looking at the peak of the cooler weather with temps in the mid to upper 70’s and lows in the 50’s and 60’s! A far cry from the oppressive dew points and temps in the mid 90’s we have been dealing with the last three days. It will be short lived, temps will begin to rebound by mid week with temps creeping back into the 80’s as we get towards the end of next week, so if you are excited about the cool down make sure you take full advantage of the next three days! If you love the heat, you won’t have to wait to long for it to make its return!

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