Dangerous Heat Peaks on Saturday

An extremely warm air mass will continue to impact the region during this week, it appears the Saturday will be the peak of the heatwave with temps becoming dangerously hot across the entire region. Below are two model depictions for high temps on Saturday and apparent temps on Saturday, apparent temps is what it will feel like when factoring in the dew point’s which will be downright tropical!

As you can see temps will reach the mid to upper 90’s to near 110 degrees across the entire region with the exception of the Catskills. Once you factor in the dew point’s you can really see where things get pretty nasty! Some parts of the Hudson Valley may see heat indices that exceed 110 degrees. These type of conditions can be deadly for the young, elderly and pets. It will be critical to limit your time outdoors, limit your physical activity, check on the elderly, stay very hydrated and stay as cool as possible! The days leading up to Saturday will be warm as well, we are only focusing on the peak of the heat wave in this update.

3 thoughts on “Dangerous Heat Peaks on Saturday

  1. I wonder if this will trigger rolling blackouts/brownouts, If so, folks might need to take the same precautions/actions as for other power-outage triggering weather.

    • Thinking the same thing.
      Am keeping some ice in a cooler…just in case for fridge foods.
      Have your laptop & phone charged as well.
      A little extra water, Gatorade, and safe use of candles…
      Pre-chill some rosé…
      Then fire up the grill, have a romantic evening outside once the sun sets.

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