Early.. Way to Early Thoughts on Latest.

Some Way to Early Thoughts-

Small trend in the data is to be weaker and further north with the initial band of precipitation this morning, resulting is more of the region not seeing the short initial period of snowfall this morning.

In addition the lull between the initial warm air advection snow and the larger precipitation shield associated with the storm. Data points to this overspreading the region between Noon and 1pm. This second period of snow is the one that may impact travel the hardest. Bands of moderate to heavy snowfall will impact most the the region through the afternoon commute.

At the same time, a rain/snow line will be marching northward, with the majority of the region, excluding the highest elevations above 2500’, changing over to a heavy rainfall by around 8/9PM. Our southern most parts of Rockland and Westchester may only see a brief burst of snow at the onset before changing over.

How quickly areas change over will determine high end or low end of the forecast, with the initial burst of snow this morning look a bit less in coverage, this may hold things back a bit, although this was always a brief appetizer to the main event. This may also be offset by a period of snowfall where rates may reach 1” per hour before change over. There is a longer more detailed version of this from last nights post as well, if your into that kinda stuff. Speak soon..


Images- HRRR and NAM Simulated Radar at Noon

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    • You know these guys stay up late and get up early to provide us with the best possible forecasts and information, right? So, especially on such little sleep, I would expect there to be a few typos. Not to mention they are trying to get the information out to us as fast as possible. If you are that concerned about proofreading and nit-picking, then go somewhere else to get your weather. It is comments like yours that are just downright insulting to all the hard work these people do.


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