Elsa Departs, One Day of Rest, Storms Return



A current look at Elsa shows that it seems to be behaving as expected, heaviest shield of rain is struggling to advance NW but is dropping heavy rain across the SE parts of the region, in addition there is a deformation band of precipitation that has been stretching from Sullivan to Ulster since early this morning, this band has sparked a flood advisory as its been nearly stationary after being nudged slightly north in the pre dawn hours. As of now it appears this line will start to sag back to the south and east as it mirrors is parent Elsa. As Elsa moves NE it will allow this line to move with it as can be seen on the radar as of 730AM. Elsa has good forward speed and we should see rain depart and partial clearing advance in from the west by later today. Wish i could say that the clearing has longevity, but the models have been consistent with showers and storms reigniting this afternoon as a cold front swings in from the west.

With that said… Once we get passed the effects of the cold front we will enter a lull of some much needed drier weather which will hold us over through Saturday, so if your looking to get some vitamin sun, clean up from storm damage, dry your basement, Saturday is the day. Unfortunetly this will be short lived, showers and storms return by Sunday and linger into next week with rebounding warmth and humidity.

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  1. Since RADAR comments have been closed, I’ll make a comment here. Absolutely NOTHING was being displayed on your radar image for the entire day of 7/8 while we were being pounded by storms in the Hudson Valley. It might be time to subscribe to a different radar service. In the same vein, the ALMANAC section has not been updated in all the years I’ve been watching HVW. Why do you still display it?


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