Final Storm Forecast : Thursday 11/15 – Friday 11/16

Here we go, Hudson Valley… it’s coming…

– 3pm to 6pm : Snow develops from south to north (falls heavy at times)
– 7pm to 11pm : Snow mixes with/changes to sleet from south to north
– 10pm to 6am : Light wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing drizzle
– 6am to 9am : Burst of heavy sleet & snow possible, then precip tapers off

– Temps at or below freezing, snow will accumulate on all surfaces
– Snow rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour possible 5pm – 9pm
– Low visibility, snow covered roads, PM commute very slick
– Snow covered & Icy roads possible thru the night
– Potential snowy & icy Friday AM commute as well

Snow Accumulation:
– Catskills (Zone 1 & 2) : 5 to 10 inches (localized higher amounts)
– Mid & Upper HV (Zone 3,4,5,6 & 7) : 4 to 8 inches (locally up to 10″)
– Lower HV (Zone 8 & 9) : 3 to 6 inches (with minor icing on top)


We have customized a map using NWS WPC data, and manipulated the data to be in line with our snow forecast.  This map is in line with our HVW zone map, and presents the data in a different perspective for anyone who may prefer this.

35 thoughts on “Final Storm Forecast : Thursday 11/15 – Friday 11/16”

  1. Snowing in Woodstock….started about 5 or so. Very wet though…. kind of like sleet but can see a dusting on the ground. Very cold……bhurrrrrrrrrrrrh…..

  2. These forecasts for the lower Hudson valley may need to be revised. 25 degrees with 5 inches already on the ground in Monroe and still snowing heavily. Looks like lots of model runs saying 6-10 now for this area.

  3. Innis Ave in Poughkeepsie just closed. Was told by police Mid-Hudson bridge traffic is stranded because plows can’t get through and the Highland hill is too slippery to drive up. Police also said South side of Poughkeepsie is impassible.

  4. About 6 inches on my deck in Blauvelt. Cars stuck getting off of 87 at exit 12 and on 303. Very hazardous and slow travel. Odd thing was…there was nary a plow to be seen.

  5. 6-7 inches in northeast Dutchess County at high elevation, 23 degrees outside and still dropping, there’s no way that this will turn over to sleet and freezing rain anytime soon.

  6. I think that the lower Hudson Valley needs an Update. There are at least 10 inches here in Pawling. It is 9:24 and still coming down hard. the bed of our truck is completely filled.

  7. My husband left Port Authority in NYC at 5pm. As of 9:30pm, their bus had not made it to the NYS Thruway. Heaven only knows when, or if, they will get to Kingston. For anyone still on the road—travel carefully & get home safe.

  8. 10:45pm in Woodstock, NY. We now have at least 9 inches of snow. I just went out to shovel walkway and measured. It is sleeting. The snow is heavy and very wet. Driving conditions are the worst. Someone told me they have a snow plow truck with brand new tires with studs and they were sliding. The roads are VERY dangerous. Pl,ease don’t go out unless you absolutely have to. IT IS DANGEROUS OUT THERE! Stay home, safe and warm. By tomorrow afternoon the roads will probably be okay for travel.

  9. By the way, someone made the comment that no snow trucks were out…. they don’t come out to plow until the storm is ending or ended. Why would they do that? No one would want to pay them twice to plow. So they have to wait. Makes sense, right?

  10. I just want to say how right on u guys were with this forcast when everybody was calling for 1-3 u guys were saying 4 -8 or 5-10 i love u guys


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