Final Winter Storm Forecast : Mon 12/16 – Tue 12/17

Here is our final forecast for this storm system.  We have a few additional details to discuss, with freezing rain becoming an increasing concern for portions of the valley.  However, the basic structure of this storm remains the same.

Timeline (Tuesday):
– 9pm to 1am : Snow develops from SW to NE
– 11pm to 5am : Steady snow mixes with sleet and freezing rain south of I-84
– 5am to 10am : Upper HV = Snow, Mid HV= Snow/sleet, Lower HV = sleet/frz rain
– 10am to 2pm : Snow / Mix tapers off from west to east

– Treacherous Tuesday AM commute
– Icy and snow covered roads
– Widespread school closures expected
– Mostly snow likely north of I-84
– Snow likely changes to sleet/freezing rain mix south of I-84
– Concern of power outages from freezing rain south of I-84

Snow Accumulation:
– Mid & Upper HV & Catskills (Zone 1 thru 7): 3 to 7 inches [less than 0.10″ ice]
– Lower HV (Zone 8): 2 to 4 inches [0.10″ to 0.25″ ice]
– Extreme Lower HV (Zone 9): 1 to 3 inches [0.10″ to 0.30″ ice]
** significant icing possible in parts of lower HV **

More discussion here shortly…

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