First Snowfall?

Could Tuesday bring the first snowfall of the season to the lower elevations of the region? A look at the NAM model shows a very similar set up to the one we had earlier in the week, bug different is the amount of cold air and its ability to catch up to the moisture faster. The result is the potential for a brief onset of rain or wintry mix that transitions to snow from NW to SE. Below are a few graphics showing snowfall accumulations which are generally pretty light but enough to make for some headaches, temperatures which are cold enough for accumulations and an animated simulated radar showing the evolution of the event.

Concerns are the afternoon and evening commute which could be impacted by slick roads, the time frame between 3-7PM would be where slick conditions may persist, the combination of setting sun, temps below freezing and light snowfall coupled with school departures and commutes could present a hazard. We all know that sometimes the lightest of accumulation on semi warm roadways, combined with the first widespread snowfall of the season and occurring near peak commute has been a recipe for horrendous travel in the past.

We will continue to monitor and keep you all ahead of any changes. Stay Tuned.



4 thoughts on “First Snowfall?

  1. I don’t want any snow that’s not enough to close the school I work at for the day! Any snow less than that is just a headache!

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