Friday Discussion : Cool and Humid

A dramatic change in the weather pattern from earlier in the week, as we have low clouds and humid conditions… with the threat of showers all day.

Low clouds will be with us through the day… although a few peeks of sun can’t be ruled out.  An upper level low pressure over the northeast will keep instability in place not only today, but through most of Saturday and possibly even Sunday.  The air mass remains very humid, but temperatures are much lower than the intense heat from earlier in the week.  Temps today will hold in the low to mid 70s through the day.  The upper level low pressure will generate enough lift in the atmosphere to trigger scattered rain showers to develop over the northeast and Hudson Valley.  In addition, the frontal boundary from Wednesday remains close enough to our south to interact with the upper level energy.  The end result should be an enhancemet in the rain shower development, and keep periods of on and off rain showers likely through tonight.

Futurecast Radar : 10am Friday to Midnight

You can see on this futurecast the low clouds and rain showers continue to develop over top of the region.  While we don’t see any well organized areas of rain… the threat of a batch of rain showers developing over top of us, will be present into tonight.  Any of those rain showers could contain localized downpours, and possibly even a rumble or two of thunder.

Looking toward Saturday, we don’t see tremendous improvement in the conditions…

Futurecast Radar : Saturday 6am – 8pm

Latest guidance suggests that the low clouds will linger through the day on Saturday… and as the upper level energy pulls away… more scattered light rain showers could rotate through.  As the upper level low moves east… our winds will shift out of the northeast on Saturday.  This will pull down cool… almost chilly… air for early July.  Temps on Saturday are likely not to get out of the 60s, with a persistent NE breeze.  That’s 15° to 20° below average for this time of year.

When you realize that on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday… the highs in the valley were 90° to 95°, with heat index values between 98° and 105°… to look at the forecast for the next 2 days, feels almost like we all got on a plane and flew 1000 miles north.  A cool and unsettled 4th of July weekend on tap.  Have a great Friday!

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