Friday Discussion : Frozen in the Freezer

Another bitter cold day across the region.  Incredibly cold air settled into the valley overnight thanks to calming winds, clear skies, and fresh snow pack.  The temperature for the AM commute was a bit deceiving… because it was around 0 degrees in many areas.  But just as the sun was rising… winds must have shifted a bit, because overnight low in Pine Bush was -16 degrees!  The overnight low was -11 in Montgomery!  So temps were near record cold in parts of the region… while locations like Poughkeepsie, “only” fell to -1 degree.  So location and topography were critical to your overnight low.

Looking forward, with lots of sunshine and blue skies, Highs will climb toward 20 Friday afternoon.  Over the weekend, things will improve further… heading into the 40s by the end of the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Discussion : Frozen in the Freezer

  1. 2 deg at 9:00 pm last night, -2 deg at 7:00 am this am in Clintondale. Almost windless 17 deg at 12:30 on Highland railtrail at Tony Williams Park in Lloyd, and a lovely day for a stroll.

  2. No mention of snow! My siser-n-law in Pa. Said it was snowing there, we usually get there weather the next day, truse me i don’t want the snow, I am ready for spring! Just surprised, they live in Middeltown Pa

  3. At 6:30 am I drove from Esopus where it was -5 at my house, through West Park on 9W where it was -9, arriving in Poughkeepsie where it was a balmy 6. Quite a range within a 10 mile area!

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