Friday Discussion : More Gray than Blue

Clouds will be the story once more today, as a weak east wind keeps our humid, unsettled air mass in place. Expect lots of clouds, a bit of humidity, and highs in the mid to upper 70s across the Hudson Valley.

Conditions should improve over the weekend, slowly… as the sun should slowly return over the next day or two. Then our eyes turn to the remnants of Hurricane Florence, which will get caught in a frontal trough and likely rotate northward toward the Hudson Valley by late Monday and into Tuesday. Early projections suggest some windy conditions (gusts over 20mph) and heavy rainfall (1 to 3 inches) are possible. We’ll be tracking that through the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Friday Discussion : More Gray than Blue

  1. Hudson Valley Weather was the best for a very long time. Now I’m afraid it is lacking greatly. Your posts are days apart, and your detail is not up to your standards. You have gained much respect over the past several years my hope is that it will continue. I will stay tuned.

  2. I agree with Mr Dorsey. Your decline comes at a time when Spectrum has abdicated the weather business for brief updates on the weather outside now-and-this-evening. This leaves the HV much poorer in good in-depth weather analysis, a luxury we’ve gotten used to. In recent months the weather has not been particularly interesting, but I long for your previous analyses.

  3. Yes, the sporadic detailed forecasts are disappointing. I’m guessing everyone knows that the HVW guys post more regularly on Facebook, but not everyone has a Facebook account for one reason or another; you can still visit the site but Facebook will repeatedly block your view with log in requests. So more regular updates on your actual web page/app would be greatly appreciated!

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