Friday Discussion : Nice Finish to the Week

Friday will be a rather nice day in general, giving us a decent finish to the work week.  We’ll see clouds mixing in with the sunshine, more and more as the day progresses.  That will give rise to a few spotty showers and even a thunderstorm in spots during the afternoon.  High temps will climb into the mid 80s for many of us, and dew points in the 60s will make for a rather sticky feel across the Hudson Valley.

Futurecast Radar : 1am to 9pm Friday

You’ll notice that there is very limited (virtually zero) activity until around 1pm, when a few spotty showers pop up in the southern Catskills and spread into the western HV.  That will give us the best chance on the western side of the Hudson Valley… but even there it’s maybe a 50/50 chance of a shower or downpour.  Most of us will remain dry on Friday, with a good deal of sun and clouds… so hopefully you can enjoy the afternoon.

Looking to the weekend and beyond…
We are seeing a very unsettled pattern shaping up once again… in a summer that has been full of unsettled weather (at least since early July).  Lots of clouds, and a moist SE flow will be in store for Saturday and Sunday.  This will give us multiple shots at showers and even some downpours… possibly some thunder in spots.  Timing these rain showers will be virtually impossible, at least more than 12 hours in advance.  The reason being there is no organized weather system to forecast… just a moist, unsettled flow across our area.  That will make planning your weekend activities frustrating… as you’ll need to check back multiple times, and likely need to hold off on cancelling an event, until 12 to 24 hours in advance… because the forecast details could change.

We’ll try to give you the best information… but our forecast has been generalized over the next 5 days, based on the general threats.  So while every day says “scattered showers”… we could see several dry periods within the period.  Similarly, we could see several periods over the next 5 days, where we have extended periods of rain.  We’ll just have to try and pinpoint when those periods will occur… which will be a challenge, right up until the day it occurs.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. I’ll sum up the weather this summer for outdoor activity planning in 2 words. “It sucks.” Seriously, when the heck did we last look at a forecast and actually see 5-7 days of no moisture? The one time recently I saw 4-5 days without rain forecast ed magically disappeared the next time I looked at it.

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