Friday Discussion : Raw End to the Week

Some of the winter weather lovers (ourselves included)… were hoping that if we had to have a raw early April day… that it would be accompanied by some wet snow.  Raw early April days are very common… each year it seems like we’re either dodging the threat for wet snow, or having a 35° rainy day.  Friday, looks closer to the latter… than the former.

Here’s a look at the futurecast radar, and the projected temperatures, for 11am on Friday

Futurecast Radar : Friday at 11am

Futurecast Temperatures : 11am Friday

Notice how the precipitation is still just entering the western Hudson Valley as of 11am on Friday… and that temperatures are already projected to be in the low to mid 40s in the valley.  That all but guarantees that whatever falls will be in the form of rain… not wet snow.  If you go into the Catskills, things could be slightly different… where temps may linger in the 30s, wet snow can’t be ruled out.  But even as of 6pm, notice that only the highest peaks may mix with wet snow

Futurecast Radar : 6pm Friday

and when we look at the total projected snowfall… it’s looking like almost a complete non-event… even in the Catskills.

Projected Snowfall Totals

only the highest peaks see a coating to an inch of wet snow.  This is because the calendar reads April 5th, and by this point in the season, the sun angle is so high in the sky… that daytime temperatures will be driven well above freezing.  This makes it virtually impossible for it to snow during the afternoon in lower elevations.  Every so often, an intense coastal storm can generate enough upward motion and cold air, to cause it to snow during the afternoon in April.

But the majority of times… as in this case… wet snow in April would need to occur at night, or early morning.  Unfortunately for winter weather lovers, who were hoping to see one last bout of wet snow… the arrival of the precipitation near mid day, will mean a raw, cold rain for most of us.

But… a rather beautiful weekend lies ahead of our raw Friday.  A reward for tolerating a chilly and damp end to the week.  Have a great Friday!

8 thoughts on “Friday Discussion : Raw End to the Week

  1. The perfect weather forecast re: “winter snow” vs. “spring sunshine”: It’s a win-win either way!

    Thanks always for your relentlessly upbeat commentary on the “weather.”


  2. When the weather looks like it’s go to go “KA-BLOOEY” on us … Yes, even when it’s “supposed to be Spring” … it’s nice to be able to turn to your website to explain things, & Yes, to even help settle us down.

  3. You guys are better forecasters than this.Today’s weather lesson Evaporationl Cooling 101.
    You have to be looking at those dew points.

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