Friday Discussion : Soaking Rain on the Way

The timing isn’t ideal… as we head into the holiday weekend.  Many residents with outdoor plans this weekend may grimace at the weekend forecast.  But in the end, considering how dry the region has been in May, some much needed rain is on the way to the Hudson Valley.

Futurecast Radar : 12pm to 6pm Friday

Increasing clouds and highs in the 60s are likely on Friday, out ahead of the approaching low pressure system to our west.  The Hudson Valley is likely going to be dry through early afternoon… with rain showers likely developing between 2pm and 5pm.  With scattered showers likely in most places by the evening commute.

Futurecast Radar : Friday 6pm to Saturday 6am

A soaking rain moves into the region near or shortly after sunset… and a “dark and stormy night” is on the way for Friday night.  Expect periods of rain to come down moderate to heavy at times through the night, so that even by sunrise on Saturday, we’ll likely have steady rain in the region.  Temperatures will tumble as the rain sets in… likely falling into the low 50s at first, and then into the 40s as the night wears on.  Rainfall amounts by sunrise could exceed 1 inch of rain.

Futurecast Radar : 6am to 2pm Saturday

The scattered rain showers are likely to be with us through the morning hours on Saturday.  Just how early the rain showers taper off remains to be seen.  What we are likely to see, is a cold, blustery and raw Saturday across the Hudson Valley.  Temperatures could hold in the upper 40s… yes, 40s… through early afternoon, as the low clouds and drizzle will hold the cold air associated with this Canadian air mass in place.  If the showers taper off, and the clouds give way to brighter skies… we could see afternoon highs into the low and middle 50s.  But right now, it looks like temps will struggle to 50° Saturday afternoon… a solid 20 degrees below average.

These temperatures are a bit optimistic, as it is banking on breaks in the clouds late in the day allowing temps to climb into the mid 50s.  But even if this map takes place, temps would be a solid 15 to 20 degrees below average.

When all is said and done, the potential rainfall across the region could be 1 to 2 inches… with most of the region seeing between an inch and an inch and a half (1.0 – 1.5″).  While the timing is inconvenient… local farmers and growers will tell you that we need this rainfall.  The ground has been drying out over the past couple weeks, as what has been a dry spring became even drier due to a lack of rainfall over the past 10 days.  This soaking rain over a 24 hour period is a very welcome sight, and when you look at the mid range forecast, additional showers are possible Sunday afternoon and night… and then again mid to late next week.

Don’t Lose Hope…
Where we may get lucky… is for anyone with Memorial Day plans.  While the day commemorates those who have paid the ultimate price in order to fight for our freedoms, many families use the day as an opportunity to get together and enjoy a barbeque, and observe the unofficial start of summer.  This year, with the pandemic fresh in everyones mind… this Memorial Day is likely to see even more families trying to get together for the first time in a year or more.  We’ll keep our eyes on things… but signs are that clouds could give way to increasing sunshine on Monday, with highs climbing into the upper 60s and near 70°.  It definitely won’t be the hot, unofficial start to summer that many may be accustomed to, but it could end up being a dry afternoon for families to get together.  Check with us through the weekend for updates.

Have a great Friday!

3 thoughts on “Friday Discussion : Soaking Rain on the Way”

  1. Since I’m retired I’m happy about the rain. It means I can put off all the yard work I have to do. I do feel sorry for my HV neighbors though.
    You weather guys are the absolute best.

  2. Absolutely loving this rain. The Accord-Kerhonkson area has been extremely dry…there was cracked earth
    prior to the wave of thundershowers that rushed through on Wednesday evening. Last night & this morning’s
    rain is just luscious. The peonies are bursting, the trees are so happy. Enjoy it!!!

  3. Canada needs to keep there cold. Air mass, not crazy about rain but at at least let it be warm rain thank you for weather reports


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