Friday Discussion : The Ups and Downs of Weather

After a very stormy Thursday afternoon, things should quiet down dramatically for Friday.  But before we look forward, we need to look back at Thursday.

We saw widespread reports of damage from severe weather.  But that was to be expected because with an enhanced severe weather threat.  The conditions were in place to allow multiple severe weather cells to push through the Hudson Valley.  We also have an unofficial report of a tornado in Montgomery.  We say ‘unofficial’, but the tornado video shared by viewer Darin Hinman from Hamptonburgh, is quite conclusive.  We’re still compiling information, but it looked every bit like a tornado was possible on radar, and our live updates hinted as much, despite the storm never generating a tornado warning.  That’s why these situations are always very dynamic, and need to be treated seriously, even if a tornado or severe thunderstorm warning has not been issued.

But as we look forward… Friday looks much quieter, and we could use a quiet day.  Sunshine will mix with clouds, and highs are expected to be in the mid 80s.  Unfortunately, the quiet weather is going to be short lived.  The remnants of Hurricane Laura are being pulled into a frontal trough that will stretch up through the Great Lakes by Friday night and Saturday.  That will lead to a very unsettled late night Friday night, into Saturday.

Futurecast Radar : 8pm Friday – 2am Sunday

As you can see it looks like a bout of showers and thunderstorms after midnight Friday night… then scattered showers Saturday morning… and possible T-Storms in the afternoon.  Much of the southern portion of the moisture appearing in the futurecast, is the remnants of Laura.  Which you can then see extending northward along the frontal boundary.  So a rather unsettled start to the weekend.

The payoff comes on Sunday, as we begin to clear out… and cooler, drier air pushes in.  That will bring us a beautiful 2nd half of the weekend.  Something for us to look forward to.  Have a great Friday everyone!

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  1. Thank you for keeping us ahead of the storm yesterday. Felt comforting to know you were watching and issuing warnings as needed.


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