Friday Discussion : Winter Slaps Back

Winter never really came… now it won’t go away.  Ah, 2020, we love you so…

Some very unseasonably cold air is in place, setting the stage for a late season winter rally on Friday night.  Normally we publish a snowfall map, but since it is mid April, and we have such a hair thin margin for error, and since where it snows it will accumulate primarily on unpaved surfaces, we’re going to hold off on a traditional snow map for now.  Here’s what our basic thinking continues to be at this time…

It’s possible that we may issue a snowfall map Friday afternoon… before the event begins, if we feel the situation warrants it.  But lets take a look at our futurecast radar for 8pm on Friday…

Temperatures at the onset will hover around 40°, so a mix or just plain rain is likely in the valley at the onset.  Temps will tumble into the 30s… and the precipitation will intensify.  That’s when the battle begins to be waged.  The boundary line will be somewhere in the vicinity of I-84… likely between I-84 and Poughkeepsie.  Locations where temps are just 2 or 3 degrees cooler than the lower elevation valley… that’s where the snow will fall, and if you can see the ‘close up’ of the Hudson Valley in the image above… it’s raining in Kingston, but snowing in New Paltz, raining in Poughkeepsie, but snowing near Fishkill.  So it’s all a question of location and elevation, and without much rhyme or reason.  This is part of the reason we’re not super confident about exact snow totals, and why a slushy coating to an inch or two is probably the best bet in most areas north of I-84… but some colder locations could see 3 or 4 inches of wet snow accumulate.  The Catskills… certainly could see upward of 5 or 6 inches.

As we near midnight, you can see moderate to heavy snow in many locations north of I-84… and mainly rain from I-84 south… and kind of a mix depending on your location in places from Poughkeepsie to Kingston and New Paltz.

So we’ll be watching and tracking this as we get closer to the start Friday night, and likely cover it as it unfolds Friday night.  We hope everyone continues to stay healthy and safe!

6 thoughts on “Friday Discussion : Winter Slaps Back”

  1. Good to see snow being mentioned!! It still, though, boggles the mind how how each and every snow event we have seen since late December seem to all behave the same. But, I’ll take anything, especially this time of year!

  2. Ack! So many flowering and budding trees – too much and the weight will be shredding these young, tender branches…how quickly do you think sunshine and temps will melt this away? There’s a great deal of flowering and green vegetation that stands to be smushed. 🙁

  3. I’ve already put my ski gear up for the year. Fortunately, I procrastinated about putting up the snowblower for the season! This weekend if I don’t need to use it on Saturday (900 ft elevation).

  4. Looking forward to an inch or two of poor man’s fertilizer!! The lawns will really green up next week after the recent thunderstorms and now a little late season snow!!


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