Friday Discussion : Winter’s Last Gasp?

The calendar officially is flipped to April, and we dodged the bullet of an April Fool’s snow event.  Unfortunately, we won’t escape the arctic air behind the cold front.

The average high temperature for April 2nd is 55°.  We won’t be anywhere close to that on Friday, as Old Man Winter takes one more swipe at the Hudson Valley.  Highs likely will struggle to get out of the 20s and into the low 30s on Friday.  If that ends up being correct, that’s roughly 25° below average for the date.  What makes matters worse, the NW winds will blow at 5 to 15mph through the day, gusting upwards of 20mph at times.  When you factor those winds into the temperatures we just discussed, you will see AFTERNOON wind chills that look like this…

It will likely feel like the mid 20s throughout the entire region in the middle of the afternoon… which is more typical of a cold day in mid January… let alone early April.  Chances are good that Friday will be a real shock to the system for many people, as it’s going to feel like you went to sleep and woke up 3 months ago.  Especially when you factor in that the month of March was much milder than average across the eastern half of the US.

March Temperatures Compared to Averages

As we head into the weekend, the chill will slowly wane across the region, as the April sunshine and regional airmass is just too warm for bitter cold like what is in store for Friday to linger for more than a day or so.  Sunshine on Saturday will help afternoon highs climb back toward the low 50s… despite a WNW wind.  Easter Sunday is a bit of a tricky call, because we’ll have more clouds to contend with.  If the clouds are persistent and extensive… highs may struggle to reach 50°.  However, if we can get some sunshine to build in by late morning, we could see afternoon highs near 60°.

The bright side, is that when you start out this cold on Friday… things can only look up.  Bundle up and stay warm for your Friday… temps will improve through the weekend.

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