Friday Evening Discussion : Icy Concerns for Sunday

Timing- 6AM-Noon
Where- Entire Region
Ice Accretion : Hudson Valley up to 0.10″ (Catskills: .10-.20)
A low pressure system will push a warm front into the region, this will flood the upper atmosphere with warm air aloft. The surfaces will remain cold thanks to todays departing storm and the NW winds in its awake, cold air at the surface will be further strengthened by fresh snow on the ground. The result will be an atmosphere that can only support snow or sleet with surfaces cold enough for that rain to freeze on contact. As we saw on Wednesday, even the lightest glaze of ice can be extremely hazardous.
Attached are three model images depicting a simulated radar for Sunday morning showing widespread freezing rain, another image showing surface temps at that same period and finally a model estimate of ice accretion, which should never be taken verbatim, never the less a freezing rain event looks increasingly likely for this period.
We will continue to monitor and update as more data comes in over the next 24 hours. Thanks.
Sunday 10am Futurecast Radar:
(Blue = Snow ; Peach/Pink = Sleet ; Purple = Freezing Rain)
Sunday 10am Temperatures:
Projected Ice Accumulation:

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