Friday PM Update : Clouds Shelter in Place

Apparently the low clouds are not practicing their social distancing, and are refusing to vacate the premises. Guidance had suggested that the clouds would disburse… to no more than 10 clouds in any one area, but clearly they are disobeying the orders.

The result is we have mainly cloudy skies, and patchy areas of fog and drizzle. Temperatures have been pinned down in the 50s as well, not yet climbing into the 60s or near 70 as expected. It is doubtful that temps will surge upward without the clouds breaking up… but we will continue to monitor things.

Current Radar: 1:45pm

The positive side to the clouds holding their position, is the atmosphere is much more stable than some guidance indicated. So the risk of strong to severe thunderstorms is significantly less. You can see on this radar, that some showers and localized downpours are over northern PA and southern NY. Those will continue moving our way this afternoon, arriving between 3pm and 6pm on average. We’ll keep our eye on things through the afternoon. Be safe, stay healthy, and as Alex says… “Keep Calm and Weather On.”

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