Heat or Beryl?

Well, if you were hoping for a break from the heat it may come at a cost as it appears the atmosphere only had two things in mind for us this week. A week of temps in the upper 80’s to low 90’s or a few days in the nineties followed by 70’s and low 80’s and the remnants of hurricane Beryl.

The trend today has been towards more impacts from Beryl in terms of potentially heavy rainfall and in return,  a break from what seemed likely to be another stretch of above normal temps. If we take a look at both the GFS and Euro models for total precipitation you will notice a small difference as of this evening.

You’ll notice that both models have a swath of heavy rainfall arching across the northeast corridor, but the position of this swath has a 200 mile discrepancy between them.  This is how each model is handing the interaction between a frontal boundary and the remains of Beryl. This front will act as a point of inflection between warm tropical moisture and cooler drier air. Where these two meet an area of heavy rain in over multiple days is becoming increasingly likely.

We will still need to get through two more hot days before facing this potentially wet and unsettled period. Both Monday and Tuesday look to see temps into the low 90’s once again with only the higher terrain providing some relief in the form of mid to upper 80’s. With dew-points still in the low 70’s we can continue to understand why Ace Ventura Pet Detective had to get outside of mechanical Rhino when the fans stopped working. Can’t rule out scattered to isolated storms developing  Monday night, Tuesday morning and again Tuesday evening, as daytime heating and oppressive humidity continues to lie dormant awaiting atmospheric triggers to fuel convection.  We will of course as always be all over any storms that do fire with updates on our social’s. We will also update once again tomorrow to discuss the latest on the remains of Beryl. As of now, Wed-Sat is looking to be the period of unsettledness between the boundary and tropical moisture causing mischief.

Stay cool out there folks and we hope you had a great weekend!

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