Heat Wave Watch : Details Determine the Intensity

We continue to watch each day, as we get closer to the arrival of our first heat wave of 2024.  A massive ridge of high pressure over the Northeast US and Canada will develop as the week begins, and strengthen considerably as we move into mid week…

The ridge will allow heat and humidity to surge up the east coast, and bring us highs in the 90s by Tuesday… likely lasting into next weekend.  The details with regard to this heat wave are still a bit uncertain.  Questions like, “Just how hot and humid will it get across the Hudson Valley?”… will depend on the strength and position of the high pressure center.  If the situation unfolds like the European model suggests in the image above… then our “real feel” temperatures Tuesday afternoon could look like like this:

However, if the ridge is a bit weaker and/or centered a little further away from the Hudson Valley… then our ‘real feel’ temperatures Tuesday afternoon could be 5 to 8 degrees cooler.

Both scenarios are very hot… and potentially dangerous.  So we want everyone to take it slow, and follow the advice of the local emergency services.

Obviously we’re hoping for the GFS solution (the cooler solution) to be the correct one.  But both scenarios represent dangerous heat index values that are likely to result in Heat Advisories and possibly Excessive Heat Warnings.  These type of conditions can often catch people off guard… or people will underestimate the danger, and end up needing the EMS to assist them.  Be sure to…

  • Take frequent breaks from strenuous outdoor activities
  • Stay Hydrated… drink water & fluids with electrolytes
  • avoid extended periods in direct sunlight, to avoid heat stroke

We’ll be sure to reiterate this on Monday and Tuesday… but we want people informed, and able to make the right decisions to stay safe and healthy in the extreme heat and humidity.


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