Hot Wednesday Across the Hudson Valley…

As we approach the Memorial Day weekend, it’s not terribly unusual to see flashes of summer heat. We’ll get a taste of that today across the Hudson Valley, as high pressure has allowed heat to climb up the east coast. Hazy sunshine will mix with clouds as morning temperatures in the 70s… quickly climb into the 80s around the region.
Afternoon highs are expected in the upper 80s to near 90°! The humidity shouldn’t be too oppressive, which should keep the ‘real feel’ heat index around 90° as well. Make no mistake… it’s going to be HOT… but it shouldn’t be overly oppressive. With that said… this is the first true taste of summer across the region. So if you work outside, be sure to take frequent breaks, and stay hydrated. That first really hot, summer-like day can catch you off guard if you’re not paying attention.
But we’ll be tracking a weak cold front approaching the region tonight. That could touch off a few isolated or scattered showers & T-storms around the region. The threat appears to be 20% to 40% in general… so it’s likely that about half of us don’t see anything at all. But the places who do see the scattered showers and T-Storms could see a few that are rather strong. So you’ll want to just keep an eye on the conditions where you are, and maybe monitor the radar as well. The threat appears to begin between 5 and 8pm… and continue overnight, lasting through mid day on Thursday. We’ll try to share radar updates as things begin to develop, so you can see where the showers & storms are… and where they aren’t.
Keep cool out there today everyone!

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