Hurricane Delta Targets Louisiana

It’s been a long and exhaustive hurricane season.  You need only look to the fact that we’ve run out of letters in the alphabet, and have moved onto Greek letters.  Hurricane Delta is a category 3 ‘major’ hurricane, it will push northward on Friday, and should make landfall in SW Louisiana by sunset on Friday.  Very strong onshore winds will pile up water along the coast, causing a storm surge of 10 feet or more in many areas east of the landfall.  This futurecast of the wind gusts  shows the power that Hurricane Delta will bring…

SW Louisiana will take another thrashing by this hurricane, causing considerable damage to property.  Hopefully residents of that area will take heed, and push inland, away from the storm surge.  Hopefully this is the last time we have to talk about a potential hurricane landfall in the year 2020.

Looking Locally…

The weather in the Hudson Valley looks outstanding Friday and Saturday.  Sunshine and fair weather clouds both days, with highs on Friday into the mid and upper 60s… followed by highs into the mid and upper 70s on Saturday.  Our next chance of widespread rain, will come late on Sunday.  As luck would have it, the remnants of Hurricane Delta will push northeastward on Saturday and Sunday, likely spreading rain showers into our area by Sunday evening and Monday.

For now, we hope everyone has a safe Friday, and wonderful start to their weekend.

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