Independence Day Forecast Part 2

A look at the current radar shows the well forecasted scattered showers impacting the region this morning. As expected these are widely scattered and most of the region is just cloudy.

The big question we had in the forecasted posted last night we how extensive the afternoon and evening shower activity would be. There’s good and bad news, but we take what we can get right? Data has once again trended drier with some shower activity between 4-6 pm which will again be scattered, and both the NAM and HRRR leave the region mostly dry after sunset for any firework displays that may be planned across the region.

Here’s a look at the latest data.

As you can see the shower activity isn’t very impressive in its coverage. Why our hesitation on the wetter solutions last night? Well, that’s the downfall of the forecast, it appears that cloud cover will be more widespread throughout the day, this will not allow the instability to increase with afternoon heating and keeps the associated convection that would have developed within it, a bit muffled.

So if you want a drier afternoon and evening we need to trade up some afternoon sun, if you wish the sun out this afternoon those showers and downpour may be more numerous into the evening. Keep and eye on our page and we will update as needed so you can try to dodge what does develop like Neo in the Matrix. Hope you all have a great day celebrating our independence!


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