Mega Snow Recap : Mar 3-4, Mar 1-2, and More

The last 14 days have featured several lack luster winter weather events.  Packed full of underwhelming weak systems, that resulted in underachieving snow accumulations.  So with really only the last 2 events being significant in any way, we wanted to take a chance to recap the most significant snow events over the last 5 days… as well as the several underwhelming events from late February.

So first off, lets look at the Sunday night into Monday snow event that dropped a widespread 4 to 8 inches around the Hudson Valley, with a few localized 10″ amounts in Westchester County.  The event performed quite well in line with the forecast, in terms of timing and impact.  So in our traditional format… we’ll do the Snow History Map, the snowfall reports, and the HVW Final Forecast for comparisons…

This storm really was a beast to forecast from start to finish.  The storm that once looked like it could have been the biggest storm of the winter so far, almost pulled that feat off across parts of Putnam, Rockland and Westchester counties.  The widespread 6 to 10 inches in those regions, was only a couple inches short of the 8 to 12 inches that fell in that region back in November.  This winter hasn’t had the big 12″ to 24″ snowstorm that many have wanted, but instead a whole bunch of “nickel and dime” events.

Across the Mid and Upper Hudson Valley, a widespread 3 to 6 inches, with some spotty 7 inch amounts north of I-84.  So all in all, pretty close to what was expected… even if it was disappointing.

March 1 – 2 coastal close call

This was a last minute development that appeared out of nowhere, and appeared likely to clip the southern half of the Hudson Valley with 3 to 6 inches of snow.  Then it turned out to be somewhat disappointing across the northern half of the Hudson Valley.  But in a scenario where nothing was expected 36 hours in advance… we suppose you take what you can get.  Same format… snow history w/ totals, and our forecast…

This storm popped up on the guidance roughly 24 to 36 hours ahead of time.  A weak coastal low pressure that was originally expected to stay further off shore… suddenly shifted in expected track.  By hugging the coast, it appeared a quick 3 to 6 inches from roughly the Mid Hudson Valley on south was possible.  Then when it performed, it really struggled to do much of anything north of I-84.  This event went from nothing, to interesting… to “meh”.

February 27th Clipper Event

A weak Alberta Clipper was projected to clip the northern half of the Hudson Valley.  A few days prior, it looked as if much of the region could see a widespread 3 to 5 inches of snow… however, at the last minute, this storm weakened and trended further north.  The end result was a disappointing event that only really impacted the northern HV and Catskills.  Leaving the rest of the region with a dusting to a half inch at most.

Earlier Mid February Events 2/17 & 2/20

These events were just a couple events that impacted the region mid month.  Both were quite lackluster and disappointing.  A theme that repeats itself throughout this winter it seems.

These events pull together the various events over the last 14 days.  A microcosm of the entire winter, which has had this continual feeling of disappointment.  In the coming days, we hope to bring our seasonal snow totals up to date, so we can see where we stand compared to average.  Thank you for all your continued support!

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  1. Great job with the snow forecasting! We still have about a 5 inch base of groomed trails for XC skiing up at Minnewaska state park.

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