Mid Week Discussion : Warmer, Remaining Dry

The early summer heat is building into the Hudson Valley, as we approach the first day of summer on Saturday.  The average high for this time of year is right around 80°, and in the next few days, we’ll rise above average for mid to late June… into the mid 80s.  Humidity levels will slowly rise… but not into oppressive levels.  So it will feel warm, and summer like, but not oppressively hot.

The issue going forward is the dryness around the region.

The abnormally dry area is creeping into the northeastern part of the state.  Each week, as the rainfall stays out of the northeast, the dry area builds.  The upper level low pressure that we had hoped would spread some rain into the area this past week… stayed too far to the south.  So we didn’t see anything in terms of rainfall.  The hope as we get toward the weekend, is that the high pressure can give just enough ground to get some thunderstorms into the region.

This map shows expected rainfall over the next 5 days.  You’ll notice we don’t expect much in the Hudson Valley at the moment.  That’s because the high pressure over the northeast holds ground, and keeps the unsettled weather in Pennsylvania and points west.  If the high pressure can be a bit weaker (which is possible), we could get some scattered afternoon thunderstorms into the Hudson Valley this weekend.  Cross your fingers we get a little rainfall… we sure could use it.

Have a great mid-week!

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  1. We had almost 1.5″ of rain last Thursday. People have short memories. 🙂 A lot of folks are depending on this dry weather to make a living after the miserable spring conditions. The rain will come soon enough, it always does. July is normally dry anyway. Let’s not all panic and just enjoy the very low humidity and get a lot of work done.

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