Monday Afternoon Discussion : Breaks of Sun, Along with Humidity

The low clouds and scattered showers have broken up in some places, and we’re seeing breaks of sunshine mixing in… especially over the mid and lower Hudson Valley. Temps range from the low 70s in the upper HV, to the upper 70s in the mid HV, to the low 80s in the lower HV… largely dependent on the amount of sunshine mixing in.
Looking off to our southwest, we can see scattered showers and thunderstorms building once again. Scattered showers and areas of drizzle are likely to expand northeastward into our region overnight, and could provide more areas of rainfall for some of us. We’ll keep an eye on things… but if you have plans for this evening, keep in mind the threat of showers and even a thunderstorm.

2 thoughts on “Monday Afternoon Discussion : Breaks of Sun, Along with Humidity”

  1. It seems that since the last week of May (almost 2 months ago) we have had a LOT of cloudy and/or rainy days. This does not seem like a typical weather pattern. I know we just had the tropical storm pass thru last week but more factors seems to be in play. Is it abnormal jet stream pattern, pacific ocean current/temps, or other “macro” issues. You are very good at giving us lots of info on a day by day basis but not at things at the big picture level so we know whats going on. Will is pattern continue say for the next few weeks ? It seems weather sources like NOAA are more focused at the big picture than what you are able to tell us.


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