Monday Discussion : Blustery Chilly Winds

A wind advisory remains in effect for the entire Hudson Valley as we kick off the work week around the Hudson Valley.  Strong NW winds have howled through the night around the region behind a strong cold front that pushed through Sunday evening.  Gusts up to 50mph are possible, but the strongest winds are likely to be felt in the Catskills, where gusts up to 60mph are possible.

Futurecast Wind Gust Map : 6am to 6pm Monday

This futurecast image shows the maximum wind gusts each hour from 6am to 6pm on Monday.  The first thing that jumps out at you, is that the wind gusts steadily decrease throughout the day.  Gusts at sunrise are between 30 and 45mph in the valley, with gusts in the Catskills between 45mph and 60mph.  Those gusts will be the peak gusts of the day.  By lunch time, gusts are expected between 20mph to 35mph… and by late afternoon gusts between 20mph and 30mph are expected.  So the good news through the day on Monday is that conditions will be gradually improving throughout.  We’ll have lots of sunshine and blue skies… but afternoon highs will struggle to get to 50°, likely falling short in many places.

Temps Monday night will fall near 30° in much of the valley, before winds shift around to the southwest by Tuesday morning.  That southerly wind will help pull temperatures back up above average Tuesday afternoon, with highs around 60° expected in the Hudson Valley.  Clouds will roll in Tuesday night, and by Wednesday afternoon, we may have more rain showers to contend with around the region.

So a very blustery start to the final week of March.  Hopefully everyone’s week gets off to a great start.  Have a great Monday!

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