Monday Discussion : Blustery Winds Building

The storm has exited, but the low clouds, fog, and patchy drizzle persisted through Sunday.  As we open up the first work week of December, we’ll begin to see some significant changes from our weather of the weekend.  A look at the upper air 500mb pattern, usually referred to as the ‘jet stream’, will highlight the changes:

Futurecast 500mb Jet Stream Pattern : Monday through Thursday

What you’re looking at are higher (represented by orange) and lower (represented by blue) than normal pressures in the atmosphere.  As the week starts out… we see the higher than normal pressure over the northeast gradually push eastward.  These higher than normal pressures are known as a ridge in the jet stream, and allow warmer than average temperatures in many cases.  That’s why Sunday and Monday will be rather mild at first.

But you’ll notice that as the week progresses, the blue lower than normal pressures gradually sink southeastward.  Not in a rapid crash… just a gradual process over several days.  The result will be breezy conditions for much of the week, accompanied by gradually colder and colder temperatures.  This is because by the end of the week… a deeper, colder air mass may settle into the northeast.  To visualize, here are the day to day high temperatures for the week…

Forecast High Temperatures: Monday through Friday

In the Hudson Valley, highs in the upper 40s to around 50° at the start of the week, sink into the mid and upper 30s by Tuesday and Wednesday… before possibly crashing below freezing for highs on Friday.  We’ll have to track the progression… but one thing is for certain… a cold first week of December is on the way.

For Monday at least… try to enjoy the seasonably mild temperatures for the first half of the day.  The cold winds are on their way.  Have a great day!

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  1. Will be nice to see the MIA sunshine & maybe dry out a bit. Today’s brief warmth will feel good. A little break is better than none. And by now we have our warm clothes out so we are ready for the inevitable northeast cold to come.

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