Monday Discussion : Breezy & Cool Start

A bright sunny day to start the week… just a bit breezy and cool for late April.

Mostly sunny skies on Monday will be accompanied by a persistent NW wind through most of the day.  Temperatures will be in the 50s for the afternoon hours, possibly reaching 60° in a few places.  Winds will die down Monday night and temperatures might tumble once again into the 30s.  As we approach the end of April, some people have begun the planting season.  With temps Monday night falling into the 30s, we’ll need to monitor the cloudiness that we expect to roll in.  A warm front will move into the region late Monday night, and with it some cloudiness.  That cloudiness may keep temperatures up a few degrees, which could come in handy… considering guidance was suggesting temps would fall into the mid 30s.  Thanks to the increasing cloudiness associated with the front, we may be spared a threat at frost… but we’ll keep an eye on it.  Should we become more concerned about frost, we will share updates.

The warm front will push through early on Tuesday, and in its wake, the winds will shift out of the southwest.  This will usher in some warmer air to the region.  After a cool start on Tuesday morning, we’ll likely see mid to upper 60s on Tuesday afternoon.  By Wednesday afternoon, the warmth will really have made its way into the region, with highs in the upper 70s to near 80°.

So while we’ll have a cool and breezy start to the week, some much warmer conditions are expected by mid week.  We hope your week gets off to a great start!

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