Monday Discussion : Cold Blast w/ PM Threat of Snow

After some mild air this weekend, Monday will feature a blast of cold air for at least a day.  NW winds have gradually pushed the mild Pacific air out of the Hudson Valley.  So for a day, temps will struggle to reach the 32° mark.  So with temps holding in the upper 20s all day… the conditions will be present for some late day headaches.

– Weak band of snow possible, per some computer guidance
– Timing of snow is critical… projected between 5pm and 7pm
– Quick dusting possible, temps below freezing, slick spots can’t be ruled out

You can see on this simulation for 6pm on Monday, that a short burst of snow can’t be ruled out.  It doesn’t look too potent, but the timing couldn’t be worse.  We could be seeing some reduced visibility, with slick spots due to accumulating snow.  But we’ll have to see if this band actually holds together, or if it falls apart before reaching the Hudson Valley.  These things are tricky, and we’ll have to monitor it on Monday afternoon.

Then once the initial warm front pushes past… we are likely to have a 2nd band of snow develop after midnight.  That band pushes through the Hudson Valley by sunrise on Tuesday, but could mix with sleet and freezing drizzle.  A potentially icy Tuesday AM commute is possible with a dusting to an inch of snow, and a glaze of ice on top.  We’ll have to see what this means for possible delays Tuesday morning… but temps will QUICKLY warm above freezing Tuesday morning, and by 9 or 10am, we should be in the upper 30s to low 40s, melting whatever does fall.

We’ll have updates on Monday as the event gets closer.  Have a great day!

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