Monday Discussion : Early Scattered Showers, Afternoon Improvements

The second area of low pressure in 72 hours is pushing northeastward, bringing another round of scattered light rain showers to the Hudson Valley.

Futurecast Radar: 12am – 6pm Monday

We’ll see the scattered rain showers pushing through during the early morning hours on Monday, and mostly exiting before noon.  However a brief, stray light rain shower can’t be ruled out through the afternoon.  Temperatures on Monday will climb into the low 50s… but during the afternoon, we’ll notice an increasing westerly wind, gusting over 20mph at times.  So a rather breezy afternoon is heading our way.

We’ll see a warming trend through the week… as a high pressure sets up over the eastern US and western Atlantic.  This will keep the weather tranquil, but moderating in terms of temperatures.  By Wednesday, Halloween is looking to see above average temperatures, pushing into the low 60s for highs.  And with temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s for overnight lows Wednesday night into Thursday… a comfortable trick-or-treat event seems in the cards.  Some welcome news to all the parents, family and friends who will be out and about Wednesday evening.

So a good start to the week… after we get through some scattered showers early on Monday.  Have a great day!

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