Monday Discussion : Heavy Rains and Howling Winds

What a difference a day makes.  On Friday, our highs in the region surged into the mid 70s.  Then on Saturday, the winds shifted out of the NE, and highs struggled to push into the upper 50s and low 60s, depending on where you live.  While cooler… it was still quite a nice spring day.  Then Sunday rolled in, and we were sent spiraling back into the middle of winter… with temperatures area wide pinned in the upper 30s and low 40s all day… roughly 20 to 25 degrees below average!

Just look at this map… INCREDIBLE cold air centered right over the Hudson Valley, making it feel more typical of mid February, rather than mid April.

Temperatures will begin to moderate before dawn on Monday, as the flow shifts out of the SW… out ahead of our cold front.  That cold front will bring some heavy rain and very gusty winds along with it…

Showers will increase through the night Sunday night, and by Monday morning we’ll have areas of soaking rain and embedded heavy downpours.  This will make for a very soggy Monday AM commute.  In addition to the soaking, to at times heavy rain… we’ll see very strong wind gusts associated with the front…

Wind gusts over 35 to 40mph are possible across the Hudson Valley… and as you go up in elevation, especially into the Catskills, you’ll see wind gusts possibly over 50mph!  You’ll definitely need to hold on tight to the wheel while driving on Monday, as the wind really gets strong during the morning.  We may even have a few issues with scattered power outages… especially in the higher elevations.

To add to the list of things to worry about… we have Flash Flood Watches popping up for parts of the Hudson Valley.  That’s due to the intensity of the heavy rain we might see.  We mentioned the chances of seeing heavy downpours embedded within the rain on Monday morning.  Some of those downpours could become excessive, and lead to areas of flash flooding.  Here are the projected rainfall totals by the time all is said and done…

So with 1 to 3 inches of rain falling in just a few hours on Monday, beware of localized flooding concerns.

A lot on our plate for Monday, check for updates as the morning progresses, and be sure to use a little extra caution.  We’ll have very strong wind gusts… and potentially heavy downpours to contend with.  Have a good start to your week!

10 thoughts on “Monday Discussion : Heavy Rains and Howling Winds

  1. Was going to VA on bus-have thought better now that I see your forecast. Thanks again for saving this senior citizen lady from doing dumb stuff. Really count on you!

  2. I think you mixed up Friday and Saturday. Friday was gray and sprinkling. Saturday was in the 70’s and beautiful. I gardened all day long till it started to get cold late in the day.

  3. David and Susan – Saturday’s temperatures really depended on where you were in the Hudson Valley, and the farther south you were the warmer it was. In Red Hook the high early Saturday was about 62, and by mid afternoon it was in the upper 40s.

  4. Wow, that’s so crazy that Red Hook started out at 62 and by mid afternoon is as in the 40s! Woodstock started out in the low 50s and by mid afternoon it hit high 60s! (Then started dropping at an alarming rate by early evening). And only a few miles away. This weather is nuts!

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