Monday Discussion : Major Changes

Often when you have major waves in the jet stream that bring you arctic cold… on the back side of that, you can have a reflexive major thaw.  That’s what we’re seeing across the Hudson Valley this week… as we transition from arctic cold, and high temperatures near 10° last Thursday… to temps likely in the 50s Monday afternoon!

Temps will climb near or above 50° thanks to a strong SW flow out ahead of a weak storm in the Great Lakes on Monday.  We’ll see scattered showers into the area Monday night into Tuesday, as the weak storm pushes into southern Canada.

Clouds will arrive Monday night, with scattered showers during the overnight.  But the mild air will be with us through the work week.  It won’t be until next weekend for the colder air to return to the Hudson Valley.  A February thaw to kick off the new month… which is consistent with The Groundhog.   He’s called for an early spring, but we don’t think he’s on the right track.  We think that winter has a lot left in the tank.

For now… enjoy the thaw… Have a great day!

7 thoughts on “Monday Discussion : Major Changes

  1. I’m not sure if I should be disappointed with the groundhog for lying or with you guys for saying that he’s wrong. =)

    Let me think about that and get back to you.

  2. Being we really haven’t had much of a winter I won’t be surprised if we get a couple big storms. Never know what’s up mother nature’s sleeve. I think this is just a little tease for now.

  3. Today was my birthday & it’s usually either snowing or freezing cold. I will forever remember this 2019 day as beautiful & warm, chances are it will never happen again in my lifetime. Thank you Mother Nature for a delightful break from the winter weather. Wish I could bottle it, I know it won’t last. ?

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