Monday Discussion : Sunshine Returning, Nice Week Ahead

The work week will start out quiet and comfortable… with no sign of heat and humidity in the Hudson Valley…

We’ll see sunshine increasing across the Hudson Valley, mixing with fair weather clouds at times.  Our winds will be out of the east, as a high pressure begins to strengthen and move off shore, into the Atlantic Ocean.  That will leave us with seasonably cool and comfortable weather.  The average high for this time of year is almost 80° (Poughkeepsie average = 79°).  Along with the slightly cool weather, will be low humidity.  So a taste of late spring setting up to start our week.

In addition, this weather is likely to last through much of the week.  Temps will climb up toward 80° by mid week… right near average, and likely carrying us into the late week.  Aside from a disturbance that will likely move through on Wednesday… it looks like we’ll see a lot of sunshine this week, which based on some of the comments we’ve seen, will be a welcome sight.

Have a great start to the work week!

1 thought on “Monday Discussion : Sunshine Returning, Nice Week Ahead

  1. I know it has been cloudy for days on end, but at my house in Accord we have had absolutely no measurable rainfall in nearly 2-weeks. The soil is cracked, things are looking a bit wilty, other than Wednesday showers what is the longer range outlook? What I’m seeing online is at least 10 more days without any appreciable rainfall. We could absolutely use a soaking rainfall.

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