Monday Discussion : Winds of Change

A beautiful start to our Monday, is now seeing clouds and cooler air mix in. Brilliant sunshine started our day… but as the NW winds increase this afternoon, you’ll feel that cooler air gradually moving in. Temps quickly surged into the 60s this morning… even the low 70s across the lower Hudson Valley. But expect temps to tumble this afternoon as the cooler air mass settles in. NW winds at 10 to 20mph, gusting over 25mph at times… will bring an end to our beautiful springtime weather. Temps later this afternoon will fall into the 50s… and tonight with mostly clear skies, temps drop into the mid and upper 30s… and even the upper 20s in the Catskills!

The cooler air mass will be in place for the rest of the week, with reinforcing cold air by the end of the week. Hold onto your hat, Hudson Valley! Have a great afternoon!

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