Monday 11/14 Evening Update : Snow Foolin’

The Winter Weather Advisories have been posted, and we are about 24 hours away from (for at least some of us) will be the first snow flakes of the 22-23 winter season.
Cold air is pushing into the Hudson Valley this evening, as temps as of 8pm are already in the upper 20s and low 30s. Cold air from Canada is settling in, and setting the stage for trouble Tuesday evening. A weak low pressure in the southeast will ride northeast, along the southern edge of the trough. This will spread moisture up over cold air at the surface… and we should see wet snow break out across much of the Hudson Valley shortly after sunset on Tuesday.
– Start time : 5pm to 9pm
– Temps falling into the low to mid 30s
– Periods of wet snow, changing to rain south of I-84
– rain/snow line moves north through the night
Wet snow likely overspreads the valley from south to north in the evening. Temps will start above freezing, falling between 32° and 36° for most of us. Temps have been warm for the first half of November, so snow will struggle to accumulate on pavement, and even unpaved surfaces. This will make accumulations even more tricky to predict. Most of us in the valley will see a slushy coating on grassy areas, to maybe an inch or two on unpaved surfaces well north of I-84. In the Catskills and areas above 1000 feet, thats where the best chance for 1 to 3 inches of wet snow could fall.
We’ll continue to track things through the day on Tuesday, and let you know if accumulating wet snow looks more or less likely.

2 thoughts on “Monday 11/14 Evening Update : Snow Foolin’”

  1. Basically, we’re talking about “Conversational Snow” with the possibility of “Decorative Snow” everywhere, and some “Sweepable Snow” on pavement… Thanks goodness it won’t be “Shovel Snow”, or, the dreaded “Blower Snow”!!


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