Monday Outlook : Howling Chill Returns

After a sloppy soup – super bowl Sunday… that featured widespread wet snow, mixing with and changing to rain across the valley areas… Monday will see a return to the bitter cold bite of winter.

A northwest wind will usher in the bitter cold once more.  Winds will blow at 10 to 15mph for most of the day, gusting upwards of 25mph at times.  When you factor in temperatures that will be in the mid to upper 20s across the region, you get wind chills in the single digits and teens across the viewing area.  It won’t matter that there should be a good deal of sunshine… the chill will negate any warming effects of the sunshine.

Looking ahead… we’re tracking a storm system for Wednesday.  When this storm first popped up on our radar, it looked like a warm storm, with rain…  but the trend has been colder and colder the past 2 days.  So as things stand right now, we may have a rather substantial snowstorm on our hands for Wednesday…

We’ll have to watch the details closely… because the exact track of the low pressure system remains uncertain.  But the map shown here is our best guess at this time.  Snow would push into the Hudson Valley near sunrise on Wednesday, and fall moderate to heavy at times through the day.  If the storm tracks as close to the coast as you see here (depicted by the red L), it would pull enough warm air north at cloud level, to mix the snow with sleet and freezing rain.

However, even in the scenario shown above, a substantial amount of snow falls prior to the mixing with sleet and freezing rain.  So 3 to 6 inches of snow region wide is a fair bet at this time… with even higher amounts possible in the northern Hudson Valley and Catskills.

As always… we’ll be tracking this closely as we move through the next 48 hours.  Check back for updates frequently!

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