Monday Outlook : The Pattern Calms Down

After a cold, soaking rain over the weekend.  Things will quiet down over the next few days.  Our flow for Monday and Tuesday will be out of the northwest.  The NW flow will bring seasonably cold temperatures to the Hudson Valley.  Expect a good deal of sunshine both Monday and Tuesday… but temperatures largely in the 30s.

Wednesday we’ll begin to see the SW wind take effect.  That will pull temperatures up into the mid and upper 40s.  Which sets the stage for our next chance of rain showers Wednesday night and Thursday morning…

A warm front will pull even milder air into the Hudson Valley, as winter begins to fade into the rear view mirror (at least temporarily).  After scattered showers start the day on Thursday, we’ll continue to see a SW flow behind the warm front.  The showers should taper off… possibly giving way to some breaks of sun later in the day on Thursday.  But check out the potential highs on Thursday afternoon…

You’re reading that right… possibly near 60 degrees!  We’ll have to watch and see if that holds true… but signs of spring are on the horizon.

Is Winter Washed Up?

We’ve had a lot of questions… have we seen the last of winter?  The short answer, is no… we haven’t.  The fact is, that it’s only Feb 12th, and we have roughly 45 more days where winter weather is reasonably possible.  That’s a lot of time for this pattern to change.  But for the next 10 days… through roughly the 25th… the pattern won’t favor winter weather.

We’ll be looking to do a more detailed discussion of the  upcoming pattern, in the next day or two.

Have a great afternoon!

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  1. Sugar maples began pumping their sap in earnest yesterday (2/12, Lincoln’s birthday…on schedule). There is no more welcome harbinger of spring! It’s on the way, have no doubt.


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