Monday Update

As of 1AM on Monday our forecast remains on track and our concerns for a colder solution seem to have also been valid. Snow has overspread the entire region, we are seeing mainly snow in all locations with the exception of our southern zones where an initial onset of snow has already transitioned over to rain.

Temps are our station bottomed out to about 27° and are now creeping up as the SW flow pumps warmer air into the region. The intensity of the snow and just how long temps take to overcome the colder air will determine what exactly to expect for morning commutes. As we have been covering in detail over the last two days, the best bet is knowing that the rain/snow line will continue to spread north overnight. As it does it will first erode the cold layer from the valley floors and continue to spread north.

This will lead to generally improving morning commutes from south to north and from lowest elevations to around 2000’. Use that as your gauge for what ?? can expect I’m your neck of the woods. Once we get to mid to late morning, the combination of solar energy and rising surface temps will initiate a rapid improvement of all surfaces. The exception to the rule continues to be the higher elevations where snow will hold the longest.

The potential for snowy commutes where forecasts were generally dismissing the possibility is exactly why we wanted to get ahead of the chance that the models were under forecasting the snow accumulations, hopefully these posts will lead to a few less people being caught off guard this morning. We will be back Monday evening to look ahead to the additional winter weather threats ahead so check back!

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