Oppressive Heat Wave Begins

The most oppressive heat wave in years is about to begin for the Hudson Valley, and by now, it’s likely no surprise to any of you.

This kind of air mass hasn’t impacted the Hudson Valley in a few years, at least not in the form of a 3 day heat wave.  Friday will be oppressively hot and humid, with temps into the mid 90s and the humidity so thick, it will feel like 100° to 105°!

Saturday gets even worse, with the temperatures up a degree or two… and the dew point rising a couple degrees as well.  The result will be dangerous conditions, where the real feel is 100° to 110°!

As mentioned earlier in the week.  These conditions are not to be taken lightly.  Extended exposure to the heat and humidity could lead to heat exhaustion… or worse, heat stroke.  As someone who experienced heat exhaustion a few years ago… it’s not a party, trust me.  Dehydration, fatigue, aches and pains.  If you’re not careful, you can easily end up in the hospital.

To avoid this… be sure to avoid extended periods exposed to the direct sun especially… and even avoid extended periods exposed to the intense heat and humidity.  Drink plenty of water.  If you can, spend as much time in air conditioned environments as possible.  Avoid extended periods of strenuous activity.  Make sure you check on others who may be most vulnerable to these conditions, through the weekend.

This heatwave lasts right through Sunday… with these same conditions expected on Sunday as well.  The heat wave breaks Sunday night and Monday, with the increased threat of showers and thunderstorms.  With major changes likely by mid week next week.

Have a safe and happy start to the weekend!

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