Periods of Rain, Chance for Severe Storms

Periods of rain will impact the region throughout the day, the highest probability of rain appears to be concentrated on the northern half of the region. Our southern counties may remain mostly dry for the day until this evening when a period of rain sweeps through the entire forecast. You can see in the NAM simulated radar image for later today a swath of rain approaching from the west while the northern half of the region sees ongoing periods of rain.

Taking a look at total precipitation you can see the concentration of moisture remains north of Ulster and Dutchess with lighter amounts south. As much as 1-2” of rain may fall where the moisture is most persistent today, also in terrain enhanced areas. In addition this map is showing rainfall associated with a line of storms tomorrow afternoon, as those may also produce localized heavy rainfall.
The rain and cloud cover will keep things cooler today with highs across the region settling in the low to mid 70’s.  After the rain clears the region overnight we will see clearing skies  by Sunday morning.  This will allow temps to spike back into the upper 80’s to near 90 across parts of the region tomorrow afternoon.  Once again this will help fuel the chance for strong to severe storms Sunday afternoon, a line of storms will form and move from NW to SE across the region, with instability from daytime heating out ahead of it, some of these storms may become strong to severe. The timeframe for these storms is between 4-8pm from north to south.

Here’s a look at what that line may look like tomorrow afternoon, a look at the NAM model this morning says there will be lots of atmospheric energy out ahead of this line of storms, so the potential remains high that some of these storms will become severe. We will obviously be updating frequently via Facebook as things develop tomorrow, as you know our Facebook feed is viewable in our website for non FB users, our posts also go to twitter.

Stay tuned for updates on the severe weather potential tomorrow, otherwise try to stay dry and enjoy your weekend.

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