Preliminary Snowfall Forecast : Friday 1/7/22

This storm has been on our radar for several days, and it initially looked as if it had the potential to be a major snowstorm. As the data became more clear, it now looks like this system will be a modest event, but considering this is primed to be our first widespread snow event of the season, it could cause some headaches for the Friday morning commute.
– 11pm Thu – 2am Fri : Snow begins from SW to NE
– 2am to 8am : Snow … could fall heavy for a brief time
– 8am to 11am : Snow tapers from west to east
– Temps below freezing = snow covered roads
– Peak of storm at AM commute = delays & cancellations
– 1st snowfall of the year = extra travel concerns
– Catskills : 1 to 3 inches
– Hudson Valley : 2 to 6 inches
We continue to have some concerns about this storm being a bit stronger than the current guidance suggests. The Mid-Atlantic storm from earlier this week exploded at the last minute, and caught a lot of people off guard. While we do not anticipate a similar situation… we need to watch closely as this system comes together on Thursday afternoon. Snow should spread into the region around midnight Thursday night, and the heaviest snow should fall by sunrise Friday morning. Temps in the upper 20s will result in snow covered roads region wide, and that will mean a multitude of delays and cancellations. The snow should pull east before mid day, and conditions should improve behind the system. It will remain cold, so road conditions could be slick into the afternoon hours on Friday.
While we only anticipate a lot of 2 to 5 inch amounts around the area, we will closely monitor the development to see if those totals need to be altered at all. The best chance for the heavier snowfall amounts will be near and south of I-84, as this storm likely is just a bit too far offshore to bring the big snow totals up the river valley. But that’s why the track is so important. We’ll watch this closely on Thursday, and share any updates that are needed based on the new information. Stay tuned as we near what for many, is likely our first minor/moderate snowfall of the season.

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  1. Hard to believe that we have not had any snow cover to speak of this winter, and we’re already a week into January…..Less than a month to Groundhog Day!!!


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