Preliminary Snowfall Forecast : Monday 3/23/20

Winter is over, and Spring has arrived.  But after sparing us all winter, Mother Nature has a little surprise in store for our Monday.  Our first winter storm in ages could complicate our Monday evening travel plans…

– 6am to 10am:  Snow develops from SW to NE
– 9am to 1pm:  Snow tapers to snow showers for a time
– 12pm to 4pm:  Snow falls moderate to heavy at times
– 2pm to 6pm: Snow mixes with and changes to rain from south to north
– 6pm to 10pm:  Rain/wet snow showers taper off from west to east

– Mainly wet roads in the valley, temps generally 32° to 36°
– Snow accumulation mainly on unpaved surfaces
– Roads could become snow covered and slick during bursts of heavier snow
– Catskills and elevations over 1000 feet, best chance of snow covered roads

Snow Accumulation:
– Catskills & Locations over 1000 ft (Zone 1,2,5,6) : 4 to 8 inches
– HV north of I-84 (Zone 3,4,7) : 2 to 6 inches (mostly on unpaved surfaces)
– HV south of I-84 (Zone 8 & 9) : Coating to 3 inches

No major changes from our previous discussion on how this storm will unfold.  Additional discussion will be had for more details on Sunday.

1 thought on “Preliminary Snowfall Forecast : Monday 3/23/20

  1. Wet snow – great for packing; hope this one comes through for us! Then, at least, we can send the kids out to play on Monday afternoon! Thanks for all you do!

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