Saturday Afternoon Discussion : Icy Sunday Morning Likely

Winter Weather Advisory Remains in Effect
When: 5am – 7pm Sunday
Where: Entire Hudson Valley
What: Freezing Rain & Sleet (0.01 to 0.20 possible)
The forecast remains the same, it’s just important to keep this in the front of everyone’s mind. Travel conditions Sunday morning have the potential to be very dangerous. The question is going to be how much precipitation falls in areas where the temperatures at the surface are below freezing.
The precipitation should push into the Catskills and western HV by 5 or 6am, and most of the region should see a period of sleet & freezing rain between 7am and 11am. Then the question is where does the freezing rain continue to fall, and where does it taper off. This guidance suggests the lower HV from I-84 south could see less freezing rain than the northern half of the HV and Catskills, meaning conditions could be worse further north. But the entire region will be affected by this event.
Additional updates as the event develops early Sunday morning.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Discussion : Icy Sunday Morning Likely”

  1. It is a thick sheet of ice EVERYWHERE in this area. Even sidewalks and parking lots are sheets of ice. NOT SAFE! STAY HOME! People sliding off the roads who have “4 wheel drive” and “snow tires” and “studs”, etc. THEY STILL SLIDE ON ICE! Nothing stops that. Stay home. Don’t risk your own life and the lives of others.


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